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“If you have the ball in your hands, you’re not only carrying yourself and your family, but the whole organization. The entire franchise is in your hands.” – Tom Rathman

INDIANAPOLIS — Twice a week he requires every last one of the Indianapolis Colts’ skill position players to shuffle into a room and hear him preach. The meetings are passionate and purposeful. They are essential.

“Other than his family,” one running back says, “it’s like the most important thing in the world to him. It’s family No. 1, ball security No. 2.”

Tom Rathman would love that statement – “That’s what wins games,” he points out. He doesn’t take the topic lightly; his players won’t, either. On Tuesdays, the team’s venerable running backs coach pores through every single offensive snap from Sunday’s game, culling images of good ball security and bad, showing them on screen for everyone in the room to see. Did you squeeze it on the five points – fingertips, palm, forearm, bicep, ribcage?

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