Jason Verrett Jersey

Cornerback Jason Verrett wore No. 22 while he was with the Los Angeles Chargers and he might not be wearing it with the 49ers. We aren’t official with the jersey assignments for the 2019 San Francisco 49ers but a lot has been coming on some speculation. We know that Linebacker Kwon Alexander is going to don No. 56, the same number worn by Reuben Foster, and that Trent Taylor will be going to 15.

And then there’s Jason Verrett who doesn’t have his number yet, because the one he has belongs to someone else on the team. The aforementioned No. 22 is the same number as running back Matt Breida.

Verrett was on 95.7’s Greg Papa show the game to speak about his desire to continue playing under the double deuces and holds nothing back on how bad he wants Breida’s jersey:

When asked how much it might cost or a price Verrett may pay, he said he couldn’t think of a price, but that he wanted Breida’s No. 22 bad.

Matt Breida became a household name with his play in 2018, and he is fit to be a crucial piece in this Cerberus-like backfield that the 49ers are putting together. Getting that number off him isn’t going to be easy.If this was a camp body or a third-stringer, getting the jersey number wouldn’t be so difficult, but Breida has made himself a crucial part of the 49ers. Prying a jersey from someone who has made strides he has is not going to be easy.

There have been creative ways in the past for how new players get jerseys off other players. Sometimes it involves a check or donations to a charity. Other times it’s a competition for the coveted number. It has been done.

Breida may get a question about this soon and we’ll see what he thinks of any sort of number change.

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